Volunteer & Activity Fair

Thank you to everyone that came to the PCO’s first ever Volunteer and Activity Fair! It was great to see both new faces and really connect with all of the committees that make our school hum! I feel honored to work alongside so many dedicated volunteers! Thank you to ECS’s Ali Rendulic, Kristan Abeshouse and Aaron Coleman for taking the time to connect with us! Here are a few of the committees that didn’t get much or any love for you to consider:

Yearbook – would you like ECS to have a yearbook next year? If so, we need you! The school can help with some photo wrangling but they really need the PCO volunteers to put it all together. Work with the manufacturer, take orders, distribute… it will be a fun, year round project!

Bike ECS – come join the 6th grade on their bike rides every morning (except Wednesdays) from 10:15-11:15. Be an extra set of eyes to keep them safe! Email bikeECS@ecspgh.org to learn more and sign up!

Lost and Found – both schools. Help out when you can by sorting the massive collection of stuff, look for labeled items, return those items (with the help of our great office managers) and periodically display the non-labeled items for easy collection.

Grade Level Reps – k and middle school reps need. Meetings are held 9am-10:15am on the 1st Wed. of the month in the ECS US Cafe. Learn more here.

Winter Chill – Jan. 12. Looking for a few people to help plan the grown up only social event/ chili cook off event!

Edible School Yard – year round help on a weekly basis with grades 2 and 3. Contact Deirdre Keller to learn more!

Plant Sales – learn the ropes to keep these great plant sales running at ECS as our past chairs no longer have kiddos at ECS. Support will be readily available to help you succeed! We have one new chair and could use another!

Room Parents – these classes would like a co-room parent: 5A, 5C, 6A, 7A, 7B and 7C.

Book Fair – leaders needed! The school is looking to expand their available book selections for our middle schoolers and to do that they need volunteers to run a book fair! Sell books to make money for new books! Last year’s Scholastic book fair raised $1800. The date is November 6 (set up on the 5th) and would be held at the Upper School during conferences.

Full descriptions of all committees are available here.

There are a lot of other great committees at ECS that would love to have you! Please consider joining us!
Beth Lott, PCO Volunteer Coordinator