Parent Liaison Committee

Parent Liaison Committee
Occasionally, channels of communication between parents and a school can seem to become blocked, leading parents to feel frustrated and uncertain as to what further steps to take.

In response to this, the PCO recently created a Parent Liaison Committee to assist ECS families in their communications with the school, where needed. Here’s a quick run-down of what the PLC’s role is, when it can intervene, and how to contact it:

When should the PLC be contacted?
Whenever an “issue” arises, we encourage parents to first contact the appropriate school staff member (teaching or administration) directly with any questions, concerns or comments they may have. If a dead end seems to have been reached, or if the response is unsatisfactory, the Committee can help out.

For what issues?
We can intervene in relation to any matters that directly concern your child on a personal level. So for example, if you feel your child is experiencing problems during recess and that the situation is not receiving attention, we can assist, but if you have a broader issue not specific to your child (e.g. you think recess is not long enough/too long…), or if the issue doesn’t concern your own child but another student, that would be outside the committee’s mandate.

What’s the PLC’s role in this?
The PLC plays a neutral role. It doesn’t serve as an advocate for either side, but rather acts as a catalyst in facilitating an optimal outcome. Also, although absolute confidentiality is guaranteed, committee members do not need to have the details of a given situation. The goal is simply to ensure that communications are being correctly oriented, processed and responded to within a reasonable timeline.

How can the PLC be contacted?
If you have attempted to resolve your issue by contacting the staff member directly responsible, or if you aren’t sure who to contact, you can reach the PLC by completing this form or by emailing