PCO Fundraiser Guidelines

The PCO will hold fundraisers as needed throughout each school year. Several fundraisers are already established. Any proposals for new fundraisers must meet the following guidelines:

Proposed fundraisers must:

  • support the mission of the PCO;
  • be approved by the school;
  • direct profits to the PCO’s general fund or a designated fund or cause;
  • not financially benefit any individual.

Proposals for PCO support of fundraisers must be submitted via e-mail or in person to any member of the PCO’s Steering Committee (parents@ecspco.org), with ample time allowed for the decision/planning process. The Steering Committee typically meets monthly throughout the school year; applicants are encouraged to check the school calendar for details.

Funds will not be transferred to any party to cover expenses until after school approval of the proposed fundraiser.

Proposals must state:

  • who will be involved in the fundraiser;
  • how the fundraiser supports the mission of the PCO;
  • when the fundraiser is to take place (proposed dates cannot conflict with established dates of PCO major fundraisers);
  • estimated expenses and profits;
  • information about any support needed from the PCO (e.g., volunteers, access to PCO property/equipment, advertising, etc.).

Decisions will be made based on:

  • how well the proposed fundraiser supports the mission of the PCO;
  • the school climate at the time of proposal;
  • the amount of money requested;
  • the available PCO funds;
  • the number of volunteers needed for success;
  • the extent of the benefit.

The PCO can decide to support all or part of a proposed fundraiser and has the right to ask for all or part of a proposal be resubmitted with changes suggested by the PCO.