Steering Committee

The PCO Steering Committee consists of up to fifteen seats, all of which are filled by parents of children currently enrolled as students at ECS. In accordance with the mission of the PCO, the Steering Committee shall: direct and plan the activities of the PCO in general; coordinate the specific efforts and activities of PCO committees and initiatives; facilitate communication within the school community (Board of Trustees, employees, and parents); and carry out all routine tasks necessary for the fulfillment of the PCO mission.

2022-2023 Steering Committee Members:

  • Chairperson- Kevin Chung
  • Primary School VC- Tia Chutz
  • Intermediate School VC- Becky Marinov
  • Middle School VC- Amanda Backeris
  • High School VC- Vacanat
  • Secretary- Vacant
  • Treasurer- Anne Marie Rizaldy & Jill Faringdon
  • Communications Committee Chair-Louise-Marie Oleksiuk
  • Community Support Committee Chair- Carol Welsh
  • DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Committee Chair-Tonia Green
  • Events Committee Coordinator -Vacant
  • Fundraising Committee Chair-Lauren Thompson
  • Volunteer Coordinator- Becky Marinov
  • Board Representative- Tia Chutz
  • Member at large- Margot Haden
  • Member at large- Sarah Bartholomew-Fisher

Steering Committee Responsibilities and Committee Structure.

Email the PCO Chair at
Email the PCO School Board Representative at
Email the PCO DEI Chair at