How to Request a Cash Box/Square Reader for PCO Event

When requesting a cash box and/or square reader please follow these guidelines:

  • Email the Treasurer at with the following details –
    • Event Name with Activity (i.e. Gingerbread – Check In)
    • Responsible Volunteer receiving cash
    • Date needed
    • Cash needed and denominations you require.
    • Specify arrangements for receiving and returning cash.
    • Do you need a metal cash box or bank pouch to hold cash during event?
    • Do you need a Square reader for credit card transactions?
  • Requests for cash must be received at least one week prior to the event.
  • Students requesting cash must specify staff member(s) supervising the event and their contact details.
  • The Treasurer will print out a Cashier Report and bring it with the cash and/or square readers. When you receive the cash, please count and initial the Starting Cash amount on the verification line under the Starting Cash section.  In addition, students must have a staff member or adult sign off on Starting Cash amount on Cashier Report.
  • Any checks received should be made out to “ECS PCO”.
  • After the event, the Cashier Report must be completed with ending funds by denomination under the Ending Funds section. It must have two verification signatures/initials on the denoted lines under the Ending Funds section. In addition, students must have a staff member or adult sign off on Ending Funds amount on Cashier Report.
  • After the event, email the Treasurer at to set up a time to return cash, checks and/or square readers.
  • The ECS PCO is not responsible for any lost cash and/or unprofitable events. The Starting Cash amount must be returned.