Grade Representatives

The Grade Representatives Committee is a collaborative initiative amongst the school administration and parent community of ECS. This committee is comprised of school principals and volunteer representatives from each grade level. The purpose of the Grade Reps program is to collect trending concerns and feedback from each grade to share with the administration with an eye toward problem solving when needed. We welcome your questions and concerns and look forward to addressing them during these monthly meetings. Feedback/notes will be archived here on the PCO website.

If you have a comment or concern to be presented, please write to and your message will be addressed at the next monthly Grade Reps meeting.

2018-2019 Grade Reps
Lauren M.
Dianna P.

1st grade
Toby M.
Jeanne M.

2nd grade
Wesley W.

3rd grade
Julie P.
Jeanne M.

4th grade
Julie P.
Maria Z.

5th grade
Toby M.
Jeanne M.
Wesley W.

6th grade
Vicki F.

7th grade
Kate K.

8th grade
volunteer needed

If you are interested in volunteering as a Grade Rep, please sign up here or email

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