PCO on Facebook

Announcement: PCO’s presence on Facebook is changing! In response to feedback from parents and teachers, our organization will be transitioning away from the current discussion group to a newsfeed-style ECS PCO Facebook page and a new discussion group for transportation-related discussions only.

The official ECS PCO Facebook page will now serve primarily as the PCO’s schoolwide connection point on Facebook for general events, special grade level events, celebrations, fundraising, and answers to some FAQs that always seem to pop up. Any parent or community member is always welcome to submit relevant information for our volunteer administrators to post. Please always note that the ECS PCO website itself is a content-rich, frequently updated site that provides details about the many ECS PCO activities, opportunities, and initiatives – and how you can participate.

Parents are encouraged to start their own closed Facebook groups for individual classrooms or grade levels.

If you have questions or concerns about these changes feel free to contact PCO chairperson, Anna Scheid, at parents@ecspco.org.