ECS PCO Bake Sale Policy

The PCO has made a commitment to nut-free bake sales for the safety and health of our school community. Every three minutes, someone enters a U.S. emergency room due to a food allergy reaction. Children are most likely to have their first reaction at school, and a quarter of those who require epinephrine for treatment of symptoms have not had a diagnosis and are not aware they have a food allergy.

Food allergy reactions can vary widely, and may be fatal. Some children may experience the symptoms from direct contact, and others may react to allergens in the air. Peanuts and tree nuts are the leading cause of fatal or near fatal food allergy reactions. Symptoms can occur as a response to very small amounts of the allergen.

Hand sanitizer cannot remove nut proteins; soap and water are necessary to clean them. Keeping our bake sales nut-free supports the school’s nut-free classroom policy and helps to ensure that our students’ safety while attending school events.

Learn more about food allergies.

We welcome your nut-free donations to our bake sales.

Our next bake sale will be held at the Fall Festival on Oct. 24, 2015. Sign up to bake here.