PCO Board Representative Position Open

The PCO is seeking applicants for a PCO representative to the ECS Board of Trustees. The PCO representative will act as the voice of the PCO at Board of Trustees meetings and will report to the PCO regarding the decisions and outcomes of those meetings. If you are interested in this position, please write a brief letter detailing how you would best serve the PCO as the board representative. Submit your letter to the PCO Chair at parents@ecspco.org by October 1, 2015. The PCO Executive Committee will vote to fill this position from the pool of interested applicants.

The PCO Representative on the Board of Trustees is expected to:

  • attend two meetings each month (PCO and Board of Trustees meetings);
  • submit a PCO report to the Board of Trustees monthly;
  • provide the PCO with agenda, minutes and other public documents from the Board of Trustees meetings;
  • commit to this role for two years;
  • fulfill the Board of Trustees’ membership requirements.