PCO Meetings – NEW this year

Monthly PCO Business Meetings – NEW FORMAT/SCHEDULE for 2015-16
We will have a new format for monthly PCO meetings this year. The PCO’s Executive committee will conduct a business meeting on the second Thursday of each month, open to all parents, guardians, and staff. These meetings will focus on finances, fundraising, event planning, committee updates, and more. We will not offer childcare or food at these meetings. The next meeting is Oct. 8 at 6:30pm in the Upper School Cafe.

PCO Public Forums – NEW for 2015-16
When current events or concerns warrant, the PCO Executive Committee will hold public forums featuring a speaker(s) from the school community; approximately two or three forums will be held each year. Free childcare will be provided for school-aged children, and dinner will be served to make it easier to fit the meeting into a busy day. Watch the PCO section of the Wednesday Word for forum announcements or email parents@ecspco.org for more info or to suggest a topic.