PCO Committees

Please consider volunteering for the PCO! There are opportunities to fit everyone’s interests and schedules. To sign up, fill out at the volunteer form or email volunteer@ecspco.org.

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Blooming Bash – Plan a fun adult-only event to raise money for the school and build a strong sense of community. The chairs will create and maintain a budget and delegate tasks. Planning starts at the beginning of the school year and the committee is needed until after the event in the spring. Time commitment is a 1-2 hour monthly meeting, email correspondence and hands-on help the week and day of the event. Many tasks can be completed at home. Requires 2 co-chairs and at least 8-12 volunteers.

Fall Festival – Plan a family-centered event to celebrate the fall. Includes working within a budget; coordinating with the school for space, staff and equipment needs; advertising the event; managing volunteers. Requires 2 co-chairs, 2 volunteers to plan, and many volunteers for the event itself.

Autumn Chill – Plan a parents-only social and chili cook off. Will be held sometime between mid-Sept. and early November. Chairs will coordinate budget. Volunteers needed to plan, advertise, manage RSVPs, shop, help night of the event. Time commitment is 2-4 meetings in late summer/early school year. Requires 2 chairs and 4 volunteers.

Movie Days – Plan family-centered movie events at ECS and/or Waterworks Theaters by choosing a movie, publicizing the event, coordinating with the school/theater, and arranging refreshments. Requires 2 co-chairs and 2 volunteers.

Gingerbread House Event – Plan this popular family night of gingerbread house building fun! Chairs will need to manage volunteers, delegate tasks, coordinate reservations, advertise the event, and communicate with the staff regarding space, equipment and staff needs. Approximately 2-4 weeks to plan. Requires 2 co-chairs, 2 volunteers to plan, 4 volunteers for the event.

Family Game Night – Plan, publicize and run this event. Involves acquiring games (donated or purchased) for game raffle and borrowing board games for the evening. Requires 2 co-chairs and 4 volunteers.

Scavenger Hunt – Plan a scavenger hunt to send familes on a fun adventure in Frick Park and help raise money for the PCO. Help is needed to coordinate snacks, prizes, copies of the hunt ahead of time. Support is needed day of to handle registration, set up and clean up (extremely fast!). It’s a simple event to organize, plan and run; approximately 1 month. Requires 2 co-chairs and 4-6 volunteers to plan and staff the event.

Kennywood Day – Sell tickets to the annual ECS Kennywood Day. Involves contacting Kennywood to arrange for ticket sales, publicizing the sale, and selling tickets before and after school and at school events a few times in May and June. Involves at-home work. Requires 2 co-chairs and 2 volunteers to sell tickets.


Grade Representatives – Collect trending concerns and feedback from parents in each grade to share with the administration with an eye toward problem solving when needed. Representatives from each grade meet with school principals monthly. Requires 2 volunteers/grade.

Lost and Found – Work with the school to manage the ever-growing Lost and Found collection. Involves regularly sorting the items and returning labeled items to their owners, as well as arranging items for display at occasional ECS events. Coordinate with the counselors, school nurses, and the PCO’s Uniform Sale Committee prior to donating unclaimed items to see if they need any items. Requires 2 co-chairs/building and 4 volunteers/building.

Urban EcoStewards – Work with other ECS families to maintain our Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy site in Frick Park and keep it free of invasive plants. Work is done two days per month, April through October. Requires 2 co-chairs and 12 volunteer families.


Staff Appreciation Committee – Plan and execute staff appreciation gestures throughout the school year. Involves publicizing the events and managing volunteers. This is a year-long commitment to plan; can be short term to participate. 2-3 in person meetings/ year, rotating schedule for events. Requires 2 co-chairs, 8 volunteers.

Staff Appreciation Week – This is a short term project to plan a week of great activities for the staff at the beginning of May. Time commitment is about a 1 hour meeting, 2-4 hours of hands on work, and day of help. Requires 2 co-chairs, 4-6 volunteers.

Mini Grants – Manage the PCO’s fund for ECS faculty, administration, staff, parents and community members to cover the costs of special school projects. Send out reminders when the deadline is approaching, correspond with applicants, present the Mini Grant proposals at PCO meetings, and communicate with PCO treasurer to manage the financial details. Time commitment is 1-3 hours/quarter and a member must be able to attend the PCO meeting. Requires 2 co-chairs and 4 volunteers.

Busy Bees – Get added to our list of kids and adults that are willing to take on small tasks to help our staff. These can include clerical tasks (cutting, copying, laminating, labeling) and a variety of other tasks like inflating balls for gym class or providing additional hands-on support for tasks. Many tasks can be done from home. A running list of all needs are kept in a simple spreadsheet and committee members simply “claim” items when they can. It’s especially busy the last 2 weeks of summer and first 2 weeks of the school year. Requires 2 co-chairs and 8-12+ volunteers.


Wall Calendar – Design and produce a hanging wall calendar for the school year. Involves working with staff to get a list of events and character traits for each month, collecting an approved set of photographs to use for each month, working with a printer, and distributing calendars by the first week of school. Requires 2 co-chairs and 2 volunteers.

School Directory – Design and produce the ECS school directory. Includes data collection, data management, and designing & distributing the final product. Requires 2 co-chairs and 1-2 volunteers.


Uniform Re-Use Market – Collect donations of gently used uniform clothing and plan two or more events, usually at the beginning of the school year, Fall Festival and Earth Night, during which families can purchase used uniform clothing. Requires 2 co-chairs and 6 volunteers.

ECS Gear – Plan and manage the sale of ECS t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, magnets or other customized products. Includes product design, working with products vendors, producing order forms, processing orders, and distribution. Requires 2 co-chairs + 4 volunteers.

Bake Sales – Solicit donations of baked goods, publicize sales, and staff the bake sale tables. For the safety of our school community, baked goods must be nut-free (no peanuts, tree nuts). Requires 2 co-chairs and 8 volunteers and 12+ bakers.

Fair Trade Marketplace – Plan and run the Fair Trade Marketplace, a weekend-long holiday gift shop open to ECS families and the public every December. Includes working with vendors to acquire products, working with staff to arrange sale dates and location, publicizing the sale, and running the sale. Requires 2 co-chairs and 8 volunteers.

Lower School Beautification Project – This new committee needs a few motivated, enthusiastic volunteers to keep momentum going and create new opportunities to help raise more money so the project can happen. Volunteers for some “busy work” at home are needed as well (minimal work, we just need someone reliable to get it done!). This is a brand new committee and you can really shape the direction and organization! If you prefer a more background role, we are happy to have you as well. Busy work volunteers need access to a printer and maybe 30-45 minutes/ week available to help. This is a year round committee and time needs are still TBD. Requires 2 chairs and any number of volunteers.

Book Fair – Whether we host a book fair at Barnes and Noble or one at school (such as Scholastic), we need helpers to plan the logistics, promote the sale and staff the event. Requires 2 co-chairs and 4-6 volunteers.

Plant Sale – Plan the annual spring plant sale. Involves working with plant vendors, producing paper and online order forms, processing orders, planning and staffing pick-up day. Requires 2 co-chairs and 8 volunteers.

Box Tops for Education – Manage the collection of Box Tops from the school community. Box Tops need to be submitted 2 times/year. Time commitment is minimal and involves mostly at home work. Requires 2 co-chairs.