ECS Weather Delay/Cancellation FAQ

How do I find out if there’s a delay or cancellation?
ECS follows Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) announcements. Sign up to get PPS text alerts from at least one of the news stations (WPXI, KDKA and WTAE). The school will also send out blasts on social media and email. Schools have until around 6am to make decisions but if conditions are deteriorating, later notice can come. Delays can change to cancellations too. Just make sure you check before leaving for the bus/school.

Should I follow ECS or PPS announcements?
You can follow ECS specifically but they follow Pittsburgh Public. If PPS releases an update on a delay or closure before ECS, there is no need to wait for communication from ECS. They do what PPS does. This is a common worry parents have but the message needs to sink in – just follow PPS! The only time it matters what ECS calls is if it is an ECS specific closure due to something like a water main break. PPS won’t announce that. That is really the only reason to follow both ECS and PPS.

What happens when there’s a delay?
If there’s a delay, everything is pushed back 2 hours. Usually catch the bus at 7:45? Be ready at 9:45. The US will open at 10 (marked late at 10:30), LS opens at 10:15 (marked late at 10:45). You can not drop your student off early! There is no infrastructure in place to handle early arrivals. Nothing about dismissal changes on 2 hour delay days.

What if there’s a delay on a half day?
In that rarest of twists — the 2 hour delay on the half day — YES! There is still school. Yes, school only lasts an hour. If they cancelled, then we might have to make it up. Use your best judgment, but there IS still school on a delay/half day combo.

What if my non-PPS home district calls a delay and PPS doesn’t (or vice versa)?
If you reside in a different (non-PPS) school district, follow their cancellation and delay announcements as well. If your district calls a delay but PPS doesn’t, you can wait for the delayed bus pick-up or drive your kiddo in yourself. They won’t be marked late. If your home district does not have a delay and PPS does, you should be able to catch a delayed bus, but you may want to call the bus company to be sure.

If your question was not answered here, please contact the school office or ask the PCO community on our Facebook discussion group.