Blooming Bash 2017 Acknowledgements

Thank you to our donors!
Kindergarten students
1st grade ECS students
2nd grade ECS students
3rd grade ECS students
4th grade ECS students
5th grade ECS students
6th grade ECS students
7th grade ECS students
8th grade ECS students
Amazing Yoga
Ellen Ayoob, Skip Shelley and Katherine Mazzey
Jennifer Balog
Amy Bianco
Bob O’Connor Golf Course at Schenley Park
Erika Bruce
Building New Hope
Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
City of Pittsburgh Police
Cohen and Grigsby Trust Presents
The Crochet Display
Double Wide Grill
Edgewood Club
EQT Bridge Theater Series
EQT Children’s Theater Festival
Flatboat Fair Traders
Sabrina and Adam Fossi
Councilman Dan Gilman
Laura Hudson
Deirdre Keller and Vicky Hseih
Kretschmann Family Organic Farm
Local Ladle
Katie Lockley and Gayle Abrams
Charlotte and Randy Lott
Chandra and Joe Marriott
Mattress Factory
Mayor William Peduto’s Office
Becky and Andrew Moore
Multiple Choice Series
David and Michele O’Leary
Lauren Palamara and Chelsea Young
Rose Papa
Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Inc.
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts/ Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Pittsburgh Glass Center
Pittsburgh Humanities Festival
Point Brugge/Park Bruges
Society for Contemporary Craft
Steel City Rowing Club
Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studio
Sunburst School of Music
David Teoste
Thai Bistro
Wesley Waldrup
Waterworks Cinema
Lenore Wossidlo/Usbourne Books
All of the ECS families who donated to the class baskets!

Thank you to our entertainment!
Emcee, Phil Hilf
Music by Marty Reidell
Games on loan from the Downtown Pittsburgh Partnership

Thank you to our Grade Level Art Committee!
Jennifer Balog (who is 100% responsible for assembling all of the art!!); The fabulous Thinking Lab teachers at both schools – Chelsea Young, Carolyn Eddings, Rose Papa and Jerome Szpila; Sonia Rathelot and Bonnie Culbertson

Thank you to the playground crew!
Dan Kiefer, Katie Lockley, Jon McCann and Jessica Wade

Thank you to our invitation preparers and special helpers!
Erika Bruce, Cindy Reppe, Esther Stief, Stacy Bodow, Bonnie Culbertson, Jill Martin, Beth Ruzanic, Ilene Tobias, Erin Trovato, Julie Paris and Becky Moore

Thank you to our Blooming Bash committee!
Tina Hershey, Anne Koontz, Marla Ferrency, Heather Zito Samuel, Maria Zibert, Pam Komar and Beth Lott