Blooming Bash 2015

BB2015-header-forweb Join us on March 21 for the 3rd annual ECS PCO Blooming Bash! This year’s event will support the Lower School playground project. Enjoy a night out with drinks, munchies, dancing, games, silent and live auctions, raffles and more!

Saturday, March 21
7:00-11:00 PM
Union Project
801 N. Negley Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Tickets are $40 in advance, $50 at the door.

Outdoor play is a fun activity that all children greatly enjoy. Children love to explore, discover, play, run, sing, yell, and create outside. An opportunity to release their physical energy also benefits their cognitive and learning abilities and can improve their academic performance. We, the ECS nurses, see how desperately our school needs a large, safe playground, and how the lack of a dedicated play area is affecting our kids. Unfortunately, the outdoor space at our Lower school is very limited, with little opportunity to explore and play. We often see kids with minor injuries from playing on concrete, climbing bushes or just playing in a crowded area. As a school nurse and a mother of an ECS student, I would like to ask all ECS’s parents to support our Lower School playground project. Even if you are not able to attend our Blooming Bash event, please consider making a donation. I am convinced that our kids will greatly appreciate a safe outdoor playground!
–Nurse Sandryhaila
Ticket sales have been discontinued, but it’s not too late to support the playground! Make a donation:

Any correspondence should be sent to Beth Lott via the school PCO mailbox. Email any questions to or call 412-243-2626.