Beards for Bucks

beardOver the next month, several terrific ECS staff members will be donating their faces in order to raise $ for the upcoming 8th grade field trip by growing fabulous beards!

How to get involved
1. Sponsor a Beard Grower! Send in $1-10+ to cheer on your favorite beard grower.
2. Pay to vote in our weekly contests! Weekly contests will be announced in the Wed. Word each week and on the Facebook page. Each Friday, kids can pay $1 to vote for the person they think has won that week’s contest.

FINAL WEEK (vote on March 4): The time has come for our ECS Beard Growers to shave… but one of them doesn’t want to! Mr. Stehouwer loves his beard but for a good cause, he is willing to shave it off. If he raises $40 or more this week, off it goes! So, send your money in to either pick who had the best beard or send your money in to get Mr. Stehouwer to shave! Either way, your $ goes to a good cause (the 8th grade field trip). $1/vote at BOTH schools on Friday! Thank you all for the support during this fun campaign. We’ve raised almost $400 so far!

Todd Hoffman, Director of Technology
Frank Linnelli, 5th grade teacher
Pete Mathis, L.S. Assistant Principal
Jon McCann, CEO
Robert Reffert, 6th grade teacher
Brett Slider, 8th grade teacher
David Stehouwer, 8th grade teacher







Photo on 3-1-16 at 9.55 AM

Download the Beards for Bucks flyer

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