PCO Meeting – Aug 25, 2022

We have our first PCO meeting of the new school year tonight!

Intermediate School & Google Meet
meeting starts at 6:30pm, from 6:00–6:30 is social time


  • Welcome
  • Intros
    Name, relationship(s) to the school—parent, teacher, PCO, board member, etc.
    • Steering Committee Members
      • Chair: Kevin Chung
      • Secretary: Addy Lord
      • Vice Chair, Intermediate School: Becky Marinov
      • Vice Chair, Primary School: Molly Watterworth
      • DEI: Tania Green
      • Board Representative: Heather Szabo Rogers
      • Volunteer Coordinator: Becky Marinov
      • Fundraising Events: Lauren Thompson
      • Community Appreciation: Carol Ann Welsh
    • Other Participants, Addy to call on folks online & in person
  • Current Steering Committee Vacancies & Interested Folks
    nomination and vote at end of meeting after discussion and questions are answered
    • What is the Steering Committee? What sets us apart from other PCO work? Co-leading a position is a possibility!
      • Treasurer
      • Middle School Vice Chair
      • Communications Vice Chair
      • Non-Fundraising Events
      • 2 At-Large Members
  • Discussion: Hopes & Intentions for the PCO
    • How would you like to get involved?
    • What do you need to feel included and engaged?
    • What do you hope PCO is able to do for the community?
    • How can you help make that happen?
  • Steering Committee Member Reports & Question/Answer – for any updates
  • Nominations & Votes for Vacancie
  • Additional Information:
    • Jumping In Throughout the year: send email to volunteer@ecspco.org for opportunities
    • Next Meeting: September 7, Volunteer Fair @ Intermediate School