Your PCO donations at work!

Every time we raise money through our community, we turn it right back around and invest it all across our three schools in ways big and small. We are pleased to share below our Mini-Grants awarded this year, Specialist Fund requests fulfilled, and some of the many things we have provided funding for.

Mini-Grants Awarded 2019-2020 Academic Year:

– Parent Resource Center (housed in Middle School)
– Battle of the Books (Middle School)
– Culturally Diverse Picture Books to Read and Share
– Spanish Class Resources (K-5)
– Tourniquets/Clotting gauze for Staff (all grades)
– Flexible Seating (4A)
– Children’s Grief Awareness Day (35 students in 3 schools)
– 6th Grade Literacy grant request
– 8th Grade Literacy grant request
– Kindergarten Grade Literacy grant request
– Stars of Hope (Middle School)
– Speed Stacking Cups (Middle School PE)
– GSSU Gender Sexuality Student Union
– Sustainable & Safe Edible School Yards
– Lower School Garden & Apple Tree Guild (1st & 2nd grade)
– Chess Club (23 first graders)
– New Calculators for 6th Grade Math
– ECS Ecostewards Rain Garden Rehab
– Middle School Project Fair (“Museum of Student Work”)
– Nature looms for all 3 campuses (access at recess)
– 3rd Grade Literacy – Mystery Series Books
– Lighting for All Occasions (school-wide events – Mr. R.)
– Shelves for PE (intermediate school)

Specialist Fund:

K-5 Music: Let the Creativity Begin!
K-5 Health/PE: Goals in Intermediate PE
K-5 ESY: Season Extension
K-5 Discovery: Discovery Block Imaginative Play
K-5 Thinking Lab: Supplies
K-5 Spanish: Bilingual Books
Athletics: Additional Basketball & Futsal Uniforms (Middle School ECS athletes)

Special gift to Middle School: Gaga Ball Pit

– Directory Printing
– Calendar Printing
– K-5 Yearbook

Ongoing Funds:
– Garden Fund
– Health/Nurse Fund
– Helping Hands Fund
– Specialist Fund

In-Class Activities
– Classroom party kits
– Room parent funding (budget given for each classroom)

Academic Support
– Special Programming/Enrichment
– Teacher Book Fund expenses

ECS Staff
– Staff Appreciation Gifts
– Staff Coffee Supplies
– Staff snacks, treats and sweets

PCO Community Events
– Fall Festival
– New Families Welcome
– Scavenger Hunt
– School Summer Events
– Summer Play Dates
– Gingerbread House Decorating

School Events
– Field Days
– Middle School Social Events

PCO COVID-19 Relief Fund