2020-2021 K-9 Student Yearbook Photo Collection

As with everything this year, the K-9 student photo collection will look a bit different. Since there wasn’t a school photo day this fall, we will need to collect individual photos from the families directly.

We have created a one page sheet that includes the photo guidelines and instructions on how to submit the photos. The website for photo submission is here.

Please start uploading photos as soon as possible. The deadline for submission is February 8, 2021.

Please make sure to save your photos with the file name “Homebase_LastName_FirstName” example: 3C_Doe_John.jpg. This will help the committee to be able to organize the photos without having to guess on who each student is and the proper spelling of their names. Please contact Jill Farringdon with questions at yearbook@ecspco.org.