October 21: Fall Festival 2016

The FALL FESTIVAL is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 4:30-7:30 PM in Turtle Park, next to the ECS Upper School. So many fun activities are in the works for the ECS community. There will be hay slides, a walk with lanterns, music and more. In addition there will also be a hoagie sale, bake sale and uniform reuse sale. IN CASE OF RAIN, the event will still go on! Most activities will be set up inside. Please do attend, no matter what the weather is!

Every year each grade level also sponsors an activity or craft. Sign up to volunteer and/or provide supplies. You don’t have to be limited to your child’s grade only. All grades need volunteers!

  • General sign-up – we need slides, pumpkins, hay bales, exercise balls, and volunteers!
  • Bake Sale – we need baked goods, apple cider, and volunteers!
  • Kindergarten – we’re making decorative walking sticks! We need supplies and volunteers.
  • 1st grade – we’re making fairy doors! We need supplies and volunteers.
  • 2nd grade – we’re running a fishing game! We need supplies and volunteers.
  • 3rd grade – we’re making paper lanterns! We need supplies and volunteers.
  • 4th grade – we’re running a guessing game! We need volunteers.
  • 5th grade – we’re running a sensory game! We need supplies and volunteers.
  • 6th-8th grade – we’re running mini sports games and face painting! We need volunteers (adults and middle schoolers).