PCO Steering Committee Responsibilities

Appendix A to the PCO By-laws
PCO Steering Committee Responsibilities

All Steering Committee members are expected to:

  • Act as positive role models for the PCO.
  • Attend and participate in PCO and Steering Committee meetings throughout the school year.
  • Respond to or acknowledge all PCO related communication within 48 hours.
  • Demonstrate willingness to participate in committee work.
  • Volunteer at schoolwide events and fundraisers.
  • Help to create agendas for all PCO Meetings.
  • Contribute at least one idea to each Steering Committee business meeting.
  • Actively identify potential Steering Committee members.
  • Provide input for and assist in planning PCO meetings.
  • Follow the bylaws of the PCO.
  • Abide by the will of the majority.
  • Respect the privacy of all business and members of the Steering Committee.
  • Meet deadlines and fulfill commitments.
  • Resign if unable to perform these responsibilities as a member of Steering Committee.

Officer Responsibilities


  • Create the agenda and preside over all PCO Meetings and Public Forums, unless another Steering Committee member has been designated to do so.
  • Receive all email sent to a designated PCO/Steering Committee email account.
  • Work directly with the principals as a main point of contact between the school and the PCO.
  • Act as a positive role model and spokesperson for the PCO.
  • Work with Treasurer to set up a budget and review it with the Steering Committee at the first meeting of the year.
  • Plan the calendar for PCO meetings for the school year and assign Steering Committee members to run general PCO meetings.

Vice Chairs

  • Each Vice Chair should represent one school building.
  • Assist the PCO Chair and other Steering Committee members to ensure all PCO events are successful.
  • Fill in for Chair on an as-needed basis.
  • Check PCO mail box at Lower or Upper School or designate someone to check the mailboxes on a weekly basis.


  • Record minutes of PCO Steering Committee and general meetings as well as record voting and make minutes available to view online.
  • Send out thank you letters for monetary donations from families.
  • Conduct Steering Committee correspondence or other communication.
  • Check PCO voice mail regularly.
  • Act as the point person or designate a point person to compile PCO information for the Monday Blast each week.


  • Direct the financial operations of the PCO. This includes keeping records on and reporting on budgets, monthly statements and other financial activities as follows:
    • Work with Chair to set up a budget and review it with the Steering Committee at the first meeting of the year. Update the budget at least once mid-year and at the conclusion of the year for Steering Committee review.
    • Maintain financial records electronically via Quickbooks.
    • Prepare monthly Treasurer’s Report to be presented at PCO meetings and archived on PCO website.
    • Write checks for PCO expenses in coordination with designated check signers on record at the bank.
    • Receive and process reimbursement requests from PCO committee chairs and volunteers.
    • Organize and file PCO receipts, financial forms, and financial statements.
    • Assist committee chairs with obtaining opening cash and closing out events and fundraisers.
    • Act as PCO contact with bank where PCO’s checking account is hosted.
    • Attend quarterly meetings with ECS COO/Business Manager.

Technology Officer

  • Update PCO website regularly with PCO information including meeting announcements, meeting minutes, upcoming events, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Manage PCO email account by adding mailboxes or updating forwarding addresses for committee chairs and Steering Committee as needed.
  • With the Treasurer, manage the PCO’s Paypal/Square accounts and set up shopping cart webpages for events and fundraisers.
  • Administer the PCO’s discussion group on Facebook or other online forums. Approve new members, update usage guidelines as needed, and consult with Steering Committee and ECS Home Office when controversial discussions arise.
  • Receive webmaster@ecspco.org email.
  • Act as PCO contact with web/email hosting company.
  • Connect regularly with ECS Director of Technology.