Mini-Grants Awarded

2018-2019 School Year

  • Drum Circles for Lower School ($495) requested by Martin Reidell (Lower School Music)
  • Books for Character Education ($300) requested by Beth Flynn, et al (Lower School)
  • Flexible Seating Classroom ($400) requested by Jodi Chen and Chelsea Knetzer (Grade 2)
  • Building a Multicultural Library ($400) requested by Abbie Yasika (Lower School)
  • Bike ECS ($405) requested by Corey Vasbinder, at al (Upper School)

2017-2018 School Year

  • Mac Book Music Tech ($500) requested by Martin Reidell (Lower School Music)
  • Multicultural Library of Books ($500) requested by Vicki Hsieh, et al (Lower School)
  • Yoga Mats ($497.96) requested by Corey Vasbinder, et. al. (Upper School P.E.)
  • Celebrate Diversity Through Art ($500) requested by Vicki Hsieh, et al (Lower School)
  • Athletics 3×3 B-Ball Clinic ($250) requested by Aaron Coleman (Athletic Director)
  • Trait-of-the-Month Library ($500) requested by Jennifer Porter, et al (Lower School Literacy)
  • 7th Grade PrimeTime ($412.36) requested by Natalie Torti, Madeline Francestine (7th Grade)
  • Bullet Journals ($314.23) requested by Jennifer Thompson (Upper School Literacy)
  • Marching drums ($428) requested by Martin Reidell (Lower School Music – drums can be used by K-8)
  • BikeECS ($504.14) requested by Laura Davidson, et al (BikeECS program)
  • Black Student Union Start-up ($500) requested by Abriana Michell et al (BSU)
  • Gaga Ball Pit ($500) requested by Jon McCann, Mandy Cribbs (Upper School)
  • Character Education and Social Skills Curriculum ($150) requested by Beth Flynn, et al (2nd/3rd grade)
  • May 11th Community Day of Service ($300) requested by Madeline Francestine, et al (Upper and Lower School)
  • Classroom Library Update ($500) requested by Jennifer Thompson (6-8th grade loop Literacy)
  • Utility Sink for LS Thinking Lab ($500) requested by Carolyn Eddings, Chelsea Young (Lower School Thinking Lab)
  • Bouncy House for Field Day at Lower School ($499) requested by Meghan Gregory (Lower School)

2016-2017 School Year

  • Powerlead PC Cams ($250) requested by Natalie Torte, Madeline Francestine (6th Grade Cultural Literacy)
  • Activating Activity Time (Playground equipment) ($250) requested by Natalie Torte, Madeline Francestine (6th Grade Team)
  • Music and the Keys (Keyboard for concerts) ($500) requested by Martin Reidell, Abby Gross (Music Teachers)
  • Trophy Case (Upper School) ($248.68) requested by Ji Little, Benjy McHale, Mr. DeLuna (Cross Country Students/Coach)
  • Culture Committee (SWPBIS) Rewards ($250) requested by Maryssa McGuire, Jaleah Robinson, et. al (Upper School)

2015-2016 School Year

  • 8th Grade Service Project (Supporting Funds) ($250) requested by Jaleah Robinson (Upper School
  • Outdoor Recess Toys ($200) requested by Anat Talmy (ECS parent)
  • DJ Controller requested ($320) by Martin Reidell (LS music teacher)
  • X-Country & Ultimate Tent, Banner, and Table ($250) requested by Kasia Sudol (ECS parent) and Nick Kaczmarek (Ultimate coach)
  • Go Pro Hero video cameras ($250) requested by Danielle Fox and Wes Horst (4th-5th grade looping team)

2014-2015 School Year

  • AgRecycle ($250) requested by Christy Fitzpatrick (LS Lunch team)
  • Storybird ($250) requested by Michelle King and 6th grade team
  • Lights! ($250) requested by Marty Reidell (LS music)
  • How Can We Build the Best Garden Beds for ECS? ($250) requested by Jen Porter (K/1)
  • Creating Three Classroom Inventions to Help the ECS Community ($250) requested by Lauren McCaughan (K/1)
  • Pedal Powered Workstation ($43.95) requested by Ashley Capps
  • 5th grade musical ($250) requested by Jamie Riston (US music)
  • 6th grade science and beyond ($159.66) requested by Caitlin Carey (6th grade science)
  • Improvement of Literacy Centers and Outdoor Learning Experience ($182.90) requested by Katie Hain/Jessica Padezen (1st grade literacy)
  • Olweus Materials for LS ($149) requested by Beth Flynn (Counseling Department)
  • Imagination Playground ($125) requested by LS “play” team: Bergman, Gregory, Cook, Abeshouse
  • Creative Free Play materials for 3A ($450) requested by Vicky Hsieh, Brunger and Keller (3rd grade)

2013-2014 School Year

  • Character Education books for the Lower School ($250) requested by Ms. Flynn (Counseling Department)
  • Counseling Materials for counselors, teachers, and parents ($250) requested by Ms. Szolna (Counseling Department)
  • Bracelets for Red Ribbon Week ($45) requested by Ms. Brand (school nurse)
  • Materials for raised planting beds at the Lower School ($250) requested by Ms. McCaughan and Ms. Perrone (Kindergarten teachers)
  • 8th Grade stained glass legacy project ($250) requested by the 8th grade teaching team
  • Diversity Forum refreshments ($250) requested by Shawn Alfonso Wells (parent member of Diversity Forum team)
  • Stability Balls for 2nd/3rd grade loop ($250) requested by Ms. Vogel (2nd Literacy teacher)
  • Storage cart for Lower School outdoor P.E. equipment ($234) requested by Ms. Merenstein (P.E. teacher)
  • Materials and snacks for an Origami Workshop ($100) requested by Shawn Alfonso Wells (parent)
  • Food Allergy Awareness Week activities and materials ($250) requested by Kim Wilson (parent)
  • Stability balls for special education ($250) requested by Ms. Kulick (Lower School Special Education Coordinator)

2012-2013 School Year

  • Books, therapeutic games, workbooks requested by Counseling department ($250)
  • Physical education equipment for Lower School ($250)
  • Equipment to use with iPads to create a fluency center for 3rd grade Literacy classes ($250)
  • Calculators for 6th grade math classes ($87)
  • Hygiene supplies for middle school students, requested by nurse ($150)
  • Discovery microscope kit for Lower School Thinking Lab ($199)
  • Food allergy awareness week materials ($100)
  • Garden mosaic art materials for Upper School garden ($207)
  • Stability balls for Upper School teachers ($150)
  • Musical instruments for Lower School music class
  • Storybird project – book binding for project to have a copy for each classroom
  • Magazine subscriptions for 3rd grade classrooms
  • Cameras for yearbook
  • Navigators alternative scouting group

2011-2012 School Year

  • Drums for the African Drumming music class ($170) requested by Miss Rozel (Music Teacher)
  • Supplies for book binding classes ($250) requested by Ms. Mayo (Art Teacher)
  • A night vision camera to record wild-life ($250) requested by Mrs. Karichko (2nd Grade)

2010-2011 School Year

  • Two Eggspert interactive tools ($90) requested by Mrs. Mars (1st Grade Teacher)
  • Crocheting supplies ($50) for Crochet club, requested by Shawn Alfonso Wells (parent running Crochet Club)
  • Earthforce green roof project ($250), requested by Mrs. Stewart’s class (students wrote the mini-grant).
  • Printing of Wall Displays to show the progress of student learning throughout the year ($250), requested by Becky Craig (ECS Teacher Fellow)
  • Compost for the Living Laboratory ($200), requested by Laura Micco (ECS Environmental Education Teacher)

2009-2010 School Year

  • Cat in the Hat costume for Dr. Seuss Day ($100), requested by Sharon McCune (parent volunteer)
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs for participants and other supplies for Greening It Up seminars presented by the Environmental Focus Group ($250), requested by Nikole Sheaffer (Environmental Education Coordinator)
  • Materials to build a compost bin for cafeteria waste and educational use ($200), requested by Rachel Sica (4th Grade Teacher)
  • Flip Ultra video camera and accessories for classroom and library educational projects ($250), requested by Jackie Fulton (Librarian)
  • Rental of children’s films for Environmental Film Festival at ECS in April ($189), requested by Donald Gibbon (community member from Sierra Club)
  • Dr. Seuss books for each classroom and bookmarks for each student for Dr. Seuss Day in March ($182), requested by Jackie Fulton (Librarian)
  • Instructors and music for after-school Cuban Salsa Dance classes for 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders ($180), requested by Shawn Alfonso Wells (Spanish Teacher)
  • Materials and supplies for 3rd grade chair repurposing design project ($250), requested by Shannon Merenstein (Art Teacher)
  • Farmer’s market to-go cart for the Compass Club gifted program. Students will build and stock a cart and travel to classrooms as part of the Agriculture study unit to sell produce ($200), requested by Beth Hanis (Gifted Coordinator)