How to Request a Cash Box for PCO Event

When requesting a cash box please follow these guidelines:

1. Please contact the PCO Treasurer with your request 7 days in advance of the event, via email, at Please include event details along with how much cash you will need and what denominations you require. You should also arrange at that time when the cash needs to be dropped off, and where.

2. The Treasurer will print out a cashier report and bring it with the cash. Once received, you will need 2 signatures to verify the cash count. This should be you and the Treasurer.

3. Once the event is complete you will need 2 signatures to verify the cash count before the box leaves the event.

4. Email the Treasurer to set up a time to meet or drop it off.

Cash boxes can be found in the PCO storage locker on the first floor of the Upper School. If you need help locating one please include that with your request.