ShoeBox Recycling Fundraiser

Send in shoes you no longer want (not boxes as the name suggests!) and your child can place them in the boxes provided at each school. See the list of acceptable shoes.

You are helping our planet not only by recycling your shoes but also by helping others earn a living and by making a connection with those you’ve helped. And you are helping our school earn money.

Upper School boxes have been placed in the main floor hallway at the side entrance to the school. Lower School boxes have been placed in between the two sets of doors in the main entryway.

NOW! and throughout the year

ECS has partnered with Community Recycling and their ShoeBox Recycling program. Together we are on a mission to help promote the importance of shoe recycling while raising funds to help further our efforts. ShoeBox Recycling is easy, engaging and rewarding for everyone involved.

Participating is simple. We are collecting gently used shoes for reuse, meaning all the shoes we recycle as a group are destined for another home. From South America and Africa to areas right here in the United States, our ShoeBox Recycling efforts will go to help people and communities in over 50 countries.

And what’s even better are the many ways that our community benefits as well. Not only will your recycled shoes help ECS raise funds, it will also help keep usable shoes out of our local landfills. ShoeBox Recycling also gives us a chance to connect with the people and places that receive our recycled sheose. By writing a SoleMate Note to include with your shoes, you can let their new owner know about where they came from, what they were used for, or even any special memories attached to them. In return, they can write back to us and we can make a SoleMate connection.

So start cleaning out your closets and start looking under your bed for gently used shoes. Every pair you recycle means extra funds for us, less landfill waste and the potential to connect us to a SoleMate!

If you have questions, contact Christy at and check out to learn more about the program!