2018 Fair Trade Marketplace at ECS

The Fair Trade Marketplace at ECS provides a selection of fair trade, sustainable, affordable gifts for socially and environmentally responsible holiday gift giving. We invite children to the Chickadee’s Nest where they can shop independently for gifts under $10. Enjoy some soup and baked goods after you shop. Open to the public!

When: Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 10am – 4pm
Sunday, December 2, 2018 at 12 – 4pm

Where: Environmental Charter School (Upper School), 829 Milton Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15218 (Regent Square)

Contact: marketplace@ecspco.org

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About Fair Trade
fairtrade_square_facebookFair trade products come from non-profit organizations and ethical businesses which prioritize people and the planet before profit. They offer a wide variety of unique, handmade products at affordable prices. Through fair trade, artisans and farmers in developing countries are able to earn an honest living, to provide for their children, and to be gainfully employed in a job that brings dignity and joy. Fair trade organizations build partnerships with these individuals and contribute to the development of communities through educational, nutritional, environmental, and health programs.

With its attention to environmentalism and equality, fair trade shopping demonstrates not only true ECS school spirit, but also holiday spirit–no matter which winter holiday you’re celebrating!

Fair Trade? Free Trade? What’s the difference? The Fair Trade Federation explains: Fair Trade, Free Trade: Similar in Name Only.

Our Fair Trade Vendors

Building New Hope
Building New Hope is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization based in Pittsburgh, PA and Nicaragua. In Nicaragua, they partner with a worker-owned coffee cooperative, operate two schools for at-risk youth, and sponsor high school scholarships. In Pittsburgh, they engage with local schools, faith groups, farmers, and businesses to spread awareness about and appreciation for the culture, coffee, and communities in Central America.

Divine Chocolate
Divine Chocolate is co-owned by the 85,000 farmer members of Kuapa Kokoo, the cooperative in Ghana that supplies the cocoa for each bar of Divine. As owners, they get a share in the profits, a say in the company, and a voice in the global marketplace.

For over 20 years, dZi has been designing and promoting handmade and Fair Trade products created by Tibetan and other Himalayan artisans. As a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation, they strive to uphold fair trade principles; promote sustainability, recycling, re-usable and renewable packaging; and provide economic opportunity and empowerment for artisans.

Equal Exchange
Equal Exchange’s mission is to build long-term trade partnerships that are economically just and environmentally sound, to foster mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and consumers and to demonstrate the contribution of worker co-operatives and fair trade to a more equitable, democratic and sustainable world.

Fair Anita
Fair Anita is a social enterprise that exists to create opportunities for women and girls, selling trendy (and affordable!) fair trade products made by over 8,000 talented yet marginalized women in 16 countries. In other words, we are women investing in other women.

Ganesh Himal
Since 1984 Ganesh Himal Trading has been working with small cottage industries in Nepal, including development projects working to improve the lives of Tibetan refugees and women. We strive to provide economic opportunities that promote dignity and self-empowerment by choosing to work with Nepal’s most marginalized populations. Sharing their talent and skill with us, these artisans produce some of the most beautiful and well made handcrafts coming from Nepal.

Global Crafts
Global Crafts’ mission is to improve the lives of some of the people with whom we share this planet. They do this by offering income-generating opportunities to craftspeople in developing countries by following fair trade practices including paying in advance at least the market price for items, ensuring that craftspeople receive payment, and ensuring that the craftspeople work in fair working conditions. Global Crafts is a socially sustainable for-profit business.

Haiti H2O
Haiti H2O works with rural Haitian communities, cultivating hope and opportunities. They work to provide basic necessities like clean, running water and to develop sustainable business projects in these villages, like community farming projects.

INTO is a fair trade organization working directly with families in Ecuador. They aim to give their partner artisans the opportunity to establish sustainable living through their skilled work.

Through artistic collaboration, superb craftsmanship, sustainable design and amazing teamwork, Lucuma Design’s collections spread beauty and cheer to consumers and artists alike! By building win-win partnerships for the long run, we create opportunities that empower Peruvian artists to help themselves and their communities. Lucuma Designs has been a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation since 1999.

Mayan Hands
Mayan Hands is a fair trade nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering Mayan women in their quest to bring their families out of extreme poverty as they continue to live within the culture they cherish. We believe that when provided economic opportunity and income over time, women can build sustainable futures for themselves, their families and communities.

Mira Fair Trade
Mira Fair Trade empowers women artisans by helping them attain long-term sustainability and economic independence through the Fair Trade model, rather than via traditional charitable donations. They offer customers a wide variety of eclectic, unique home decor made ethically with many recycled materials.

Mr. Ellie Pooh
Mr. Ellie Pooh is an eco-friendly fair trade company that sells handmade paper products made up of 30% fiber from elephant dung and 70% post consumer paper. Mr. Ellie Pooh’s papers are handmade, acid free and as organic as it gets. Ellie Pooh paper has an important role in the saving the population of Asian elephants in Sri Lanka.

Passion Lilie
Passion Lilie is dedicated to working with a women’s sewing cooperative in Bangalore, India that is certified by the World Fair Trade Organization and the fabric printing and weaving is done by a few different artisan groups in Andhra Pradeh, Bangalore and Rajasthan. Passion Lilie personally visits every artisan groups and has done extensive interviews with each group to ensure that they are meeting their standards for fair trade: a sustainable and appropriate salary, job security, loans and financial assistance as needed, health care, on the job free training, no child labor, safe working conditions, protection of the environment through water reduction, recycling and using only natural or Azo free dyes.

Pocket Disc
As members of the Fair Trade Federation, Pocket Disc is committed to supporting and improving the lives of the Maya that create these flying works of art. In 2011, we installed water filtration systems in 20 different villages. As a Green Certified Business, we further our mission of environmental ethics through a nearly paperless office environment and by sponsoring and organizing local events like river clean-up days.

Project Have Hope
Project Have Hope is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower women in Uganda by providing education to both the women and their children and assisting the women to establish business opportunities to promote economic stability and sustainability. Project Have Hope has tapped into the artistry and industriousness of these extraordinary women. We have developed markets for these individual works of art and use the revenue to fund educational and economic programs.

Redemption Song Foundation
Redemption Song Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to spread hope by growing healthy communities and sustainable ecosystems in Africa, starting in Uganda. RSF aims to empower people and communities to rise above their circumstances through education of all types, spiritual development, and music — as Bob Marley sings in Redemption Song, “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, only yourselves can free your minds.”

Serrv is a nonprofit, fair trade organization dedicated to lifting disadvantaged artisans, farmers, and their families out of poverty. We partner with 55 small-scale artisan/farmer organizations and cooperatives to bring you unique, handcrafted product collections. We emphasize the word “partnership” in our work because that’s what these relationships are–we’ve created a system of creative collaboration built on mutual respect and trust, creating high-quality and well-designed items using sustainable materials and production techniques. Some of these partnerships have lasted for over 35 years!

Silk Road Bazaar
Silk Road Bazaar is a wholesale representative of marginalized artist groups located in Central Asia. We connect with artists who are far from the capitals, who have limited market access, who do not possess modern marketable skills but have carried on traditional craft culture.

Ten Thousand Villages
Ten Thousand Villages creates opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to our markets through long-term, fair trading relationships. One of the world’s largest fair trade organizations and a founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), the company strives to improve the livelihood of tens of thousands of disadvantaged artisans in 38 countries.

THREEafrica is a fair trade non-profit organization that helps provide access to education and employment for young Malawian women. Our goals are to engage local Malawian women with employment opportunities and fair wages; to provide access to education for young Malawian women by using our profits to establish secondary education funds, and to empower Malawian women through fair work, education, and opportunity.

Twin Engine Coffee
The impact of your purchases of coffee is felt across Nicaragua. As a Nicaraguan company, Twin Engine Coffee employs and works with farmers, artists, artisans, tasters, printers, retailers, packers and other suppliers in our community. We all work hard to make sure that the coffee you buy is the best from Nicaragua. We exclusively use Nicaraguan mountain-grown coffees. That’s easy because we live here. We source the very best of these extraordinary coffees because it is our neighbors who grow them. It is our privilege to offer these delicious coffees to you. And because you’re connected to us, you’re buying your coffee from the source.

Ugandan Craft Market
Ugandan Craft Market, based in Pittsburgh, PA, sells a variety of crafts handmade in East Africa by local artists and craftspeople. We sell baskets, jewelry, handbags, baby mobiles, Christmas nativities, and more. All profits support education for Ugandan children.

Working side-by-side with talented Peruvian painters, Wanderlust Jewelry produces a unique assortment of handmade jewelry. They have maintained a standard policy of fair wages for the artisans in Peru for almost thirty years.

Women of the Cloud Forest
Women of the Cloud Forest is a fair trade organization based in Pittsburgh, PA that works with artisans in Costa Rica to produce jewelry using sustainably harvested seeds from tropical forests. Recently, they added a new line of jewelry from a group of talented artisans in the mountain community of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.

Work Of Our Hands
The mission of Work of our Hands is to provide hope and dignity for the unemployed through the creation of cottage industries, which produce handcraft products for local and international markets.

World Finds
WorldFinds’ mission is to create positive change, build hope, and design beautiful, sustainable products for a better world. It’s a business using fashion and design to combat poverty.