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ECS at Home: Photos Requested

We hope everyone is doing well! First off, we miss all the smiling faces of our ECS community. Really, really miss them.

Secondly, the K-5 Yearbook Committee would love to see those smiling faces of “ECS at Home”. We will be filling some of the pages of the K-5 Yearbook with your lovely smiling faces while you are at home.

Please send a photo of your kiddos to For classification and sorting purposes, please put name(s) and home base(s) in the email.

Finally, you are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up ECS!

– K-5 Yearbook Committee

Frick Park Scavenger Hunts

Experiencing some cabin fever? While it’s important to exercise social distancing, it’s also important to exercise our minds and bodies. With that in mind, the PCO would like to offer a unique opportunity to enjoy one of our outdoor classrooms, Frick Park, with a scavenger hunt! We dug these maps and clues out of our archives from past events hosted by the PCO. Now we are offering them so your family can choose your own time to explore the park in a unique way. Just download and print any of these sets of maps and clues to get started — and be sure to keep your distance from others enjoying the park and playground!

For the following clues, start your hunt at ECS Intermediate School (listed as ECS Upper School on some of the maps) at 829 Milton Ave. or at the clay tennis courts in Regent Square:

(Note: some of the clues reference the ECS Ecostewards site and/or the Knotweed Ninja — or other obsolete structures in Frick Park — consider these spaces FREE spaces on your bingo grid since the site isn’t currently being maintained and there is obviously no one available there to answer your questions.)

Grades K-2 clue set A | Grades K-2 clue set B | Grades K-2 clue set C
Grades 3-5 clue set A | Grades 3-5 clue set B | Grades 3-5 clue set C
Grades 6+ clue set A | Grades 6+ clue set B | Grades 6+ clue set C
view/download 2014 map

Spring 2015
Grades K-3 clue set A | Grades K-3 clue set B
Grades 4-5 clue set A | Grades 4-5 clue set B
Grades 6+ clue set A | Grades 6+ clue set B
view/download Spring 2015 map

Fall 2015
Grades K-3 clue set A | Grades K-3 clue set B
Grades 4-5 clue set A | Grades 4-5 clue set B
Grades 6+ clue set A | Grades 6+ clue set B
view/download Fall 2015 map

Grades K-3 clue set*
Grades 4-8 clue set*
view/download 2019 map
* for best printing results, change your printer layout to “Landscape” (not “Portrait”) when printing the clues

For the following clues, start your hunt at Blue Slide Park/Upper Frick Park along Beechwood Blvd:

Grades K-3 clue set
Grades 4+ clue set
view/download 2016 map

Donate Gently Used Uniforms – Fall 2019

Gently used uniform collection begins at all three schools on September 23. Please place donations in the marked bins by the main office.

This collection is for our next sale on Friday, October 4 at the Fall Festival. All size uniforms will be available at this sale for a suggested donation of $2.00 per item.

The next uniform sale is at Earth Night in May, so stock up now for the rest of the school year! Contact for more information.

2019 Winter Chill

Welcome to the Winter Chill!
6:30-9:30pm on Saturday January 12th at the Wilkins School Community Center.

This free event is sponsored by the PCO and open to all adult members of the ECS community. This is your chance to really get to know your fellow parents! Our event hosts can help you make connections!

We’ll have delicious chili for you to sample and vote on, a great chance to meet new friends and connect with old, a fun place to spend a dreary winter night, and lots more! Book your sitter and plan to attend! Or make it a ladies/guys night out and skip the sitter!

New this year We have a list of several ECS middle schoolers and alumni that you can reach out to for babysitting help!

RSVPs are a must due to space limitations and to help us plan.

If you can make it, please sign up to bring an item. We obviously need chili! Several vegetarian ones would be great! Don’t forget – the less the event costs the PCO, the more money we have to support the teachers via things like staff appreciation and mini-grants!

Questions? Email