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October is the Month of Treats!

The Month of Treats for our wonderful staff is underway, and the PCO Staff Appreciation Committee encourages all ECS families to sign up to surprise a staff member with their favorite snack/coffee/soda/etc at your convenience during the month of October. Some staff members most value a little extra TIME, and have identified a task or two that a parent could help out with this month– so those are on the list, too! We are continuing to add staff names to the list as we gather more information about their favorite goodies, so stay tuned as the list evolves over the next few weeks. Our hope is to hit each of our 100+ awesome staff members before the month is over, so help us show them some love by clicking the link and signing up now!

ECS PCO Mini-Grants Doubled for 2017-2018 School Year

For this school year, the Parent Community Organization has doubled the total amount of money available for mini-grants. As a result of this, we have also increased the maximum amount for mini-grants from $250 to $500. If you have an innovative idea for a project you would like to see implemented at the school, consider applying for a mini-grant. The next deadline is September 29. More information here.

May 1-5 – Staff Appreciation Week

Staff Appreciation Week is fast approaching! This is a great opportunity to show all the hard-working staff members at ECS how much we appreciate what they do for our kids every day. There are many options for how to get involved:
  1. Make a donation to purchase gift cards (donate below). Update: We have received many generous donations and gift cards for the staff have been purchased. Thank you!
  2. Make or donate food items for the Upper School Staff Appreciation Luncheon on 5/3 or for the Lower School Staff Appreciation Luncheon on 5/4.
  3. Volunteer your time in the morning greeting students during lower school Drop-off Duty, monitoring breakfast, or helping in the cafeteria kitchen for our awesome lunch staff on the day of the luncheon.

March 16: Lower School Staff Appreciation Lunch

Because we appreciate all that the teachers and staff do at the ECS Lower School, let’s show them some love! This time, we’re doing a staff appreciation lunch (nothing fancy, just wonderful food). Please consider bringing in your favorite main dish, soup, salad, or even dessert, on Thursday, March 16th. Sign up here.

January is Wish List Month

What is Wish List Month? Now is the time of year that classroom supplies might be dwindling (tissues, markers, pencils, etc.). It’s also the time of year for boring old indoor recess, so it’s a great time to stock up on board games, puzzles, books and other indoor fun activities. Check with your room parent or teaching team to find out what they need the most.

Requests from non-homebase ECS staff:

(this list will be updated as more requests come in)

Fall 2016 Thoughtfulness Challenge

The Fall 2016 Thoughtfulness Challenge is a fun staff appreciation activity. As everyone settles into the school year, let’s say “thank you” to all of our great ECS staff members! Many of our staff members filled out surveys about their favorite treats and volunteer tasks. See that list here and simply sign up to bring in the specified treat and/or to volunteer! Instructions are on the sheet. Our goal is to have all slots filled by the end of October!

Questions? Email Beth Lott.

September 30: Mini Grants Deadline

Have a good idea for an innovative project that needs a little funding? Consider the PCO Mini Grants program. Mini Grants are open to all ECS staff members, parents, and community members. We invite and encourage each grade level to participate. Mini Grants are awarded up to a limit of $250 dollars each, and are selected and voted on within two weeks of the deadlines. Our first deadline of the school year is September 30, 2016. How to Apply.

A Thoughtfulness Challenge

Every year we ask ECS staff members to fill out a survey of their favorite things. We ask their favorite treat and favorite coffee shop drink, among other things. I’m setting out a challenge to make sure every staff member that took the time to fill out the survey gets a treat from their list. Here’s the list of staff members and what they love. Simply put your name next to the staff member you’d like to gift, and send something in by the end of the year! When you choose to do it is up to you!

2016 Staff Appreciation Week

Dear Families,

We’ve been busy preparing some nice things for our teachers and staff for Staff Appreciation Week (May 2-6). We will have our annual luncheons at each building, a long time favorite, and many more surprises!

One thing we would like to do is a gift card giveaway which was very much appreciated last year. So if you are not the kind who likes to cook or bake, maybe this is for you! Just donate a gift card (any amount, any place) and we will take care of the rest! Our goal is to have at least three gift cards (or group of gift cards) per school. We will do a lottery in each school to determine the winners. If you would like to donate, please contact Sonia so we can arrange to pick up the gift card.

Sign up here for the much loved ECS PCO Staff Appreciation Luncheons. Food, supplies and volunteers needed!
Lower school staff appreciation luncheon – May 4, 2016
Upper school staff appreciation luncheon – May 5, 2016

Please contact Sonia Rathelot with any questions.

Thank you from the Staff Appreciation Week Committee