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November PCO Business Meeting

The next PCO meeting will be held on Thursday, November 12 at 6:30pm in the Lower School cafeteria. Note the new location. Please enter the back door by the parking lot.

ECS PCO Bake Sale Policy

The PCO has made a commitment to nut-free bake sales for the safety and health of our school community. Every three minutes, someone enters a U.S. emergency room due to a food allergy reaction. Children are most likely to have their first reaction at school, and a quarter of those who require epinephrine for treatment of symptoms have not had a diagnosis and are not aware they have a food allergy.

Food allergy reactions can vary widely, and may be fatal. Some children may experience the symptoms from direct contact, and others may react to allergens in the air. Peanuts and tree nuts are the leading cause of fatal or near fatal food allergy reactions. Symptoms can occur as a response to very small amounts of the allergen.

Hand sanitizer cannot remove nut proteins; soap and water are necessary to clean them. Keeping our bake sales nut-free supports the school’s nut-free classroom policy and helps to ensure that our students’ safety while attending school events.

Learn more about food allergies.

We welcome your nut-free donations to our bake sales.

Our next bake sale will be held at the Fall Festival on Oct. 24, 2015. Sign up to bake here.

PCO Board Representative Position Open

The PCO is seeking applicants for a PCO representative to the ECS Board of Trustees. The PCO representative will act as the voice of the PCO at Board of Trustees meetings and will report to the PCO regarding the decisions and outcomes of those meetings. If you are interested in this position, please write a brief letter detailing how you would best serve the PCO as the board representative. Submit your letter to the PCO Chair at by October 1, 2015. The PCO Executive Committee will vote to fill this position from the pool of interested applicants.

The PCO Representative on the Board of Trustees is expected to:

  • attend two meetings each month (PCO and Board of Trustees meetings);
  • submit a PCO report to the Board of Trustees monthly;
  • provide the PCO with agenda, minutes and other public documents from the Board of Trustees meetings;
  • commit to this role for two years;
  • fulfill the Board of Trustees’ membership requirements.

PCO Meetings – NEW this year

Monthly PCO Business Meetings – NEW FORMAT/SCHEDULE for 2015-16
We will have a new format for monthly PCO meetings this year. The PCO’s Executive committee will conduct a business meeting on the second Thursday of each month, open to all parents, guardians, and staff. These meetings will focus on finances, fundraising, event planning, committee updates, and more. We will not offer childcare or food at these meetings. The next meeting is Oct. 8 at 6:30pm in the Upper School Cafe.

PCO Public Forums – NEW for 2015-16
When current events or concerns warrant, the PCO Executive Committee will hold public forums featuring a speaker(s) from the school community; approximately two or three forums will be held each year. Free childcare will be provided for school-aged children, and dinner will be served to make it easier to fit the meeting into a busy day. Watch the PCO section of the Wednesday Word for forum announcements or email for more info or to suggest a topic.

PCO Seeks to Fill 2015-2016 Executive Committee

Join the PCO Executive Committee! Nominations are now being collected for Executive Committee seats for the 2015/2016 school year. The deadline for nominations is May 15. The slate will be finalized and selections will be made randomly by draw from a hat at the PCO meeting on June 1. Nominations can be made by email to or by a written letter placed in the PCO mailbox in the school office addressed to Nominating Committee. Please consider volunteering for our great school in this way!

The Executive Committee consists of fifteen seats, all of which are filled by parents of children currently enrolled as students at ECS. In accordance with the mission of the PCO, the Executive Committee shall: direct and plan the activities of the PCO in general; coordinate the specific efforts and activities of PCO committees and initiatives; facilitate communication within the school community (Board of Trustees, employees, and parents); and carry out all routine tasks necessary for the fulfillment of the PCO mission.

Executive Committee Responsibilities
• Attend and participate in PCO and Executive Committee meetings (up to one general PCO and one Executive Committee meeting per month throughout the school year.)
• Respond to or acknowledge all PCO related communication within 24 hours
• Demonstrate willingness to participate in committee work.
• Volunteer at schoolwide events and fundraisers.
• Follow the bylaws of the Executive Committee.
• Abide by the will of the majority.
• Respect the privacy of all business and members of the Executive Committee.
• Meet deadlines and fulfill commitments.
• Resign if unable to perform these responsibilities as a member of Executive Committee.