How to Plan a PCO Event

Do you have a great idea for the PCO? Would you like to take on a new project or event? Great! We love enthusiastic, motivated volunteers! However, we ask that you take a few minutes to read over this document to make sure your event runs smoothly, is in good harmony with the school and PCO and appropriately aligns with our mission.

Step 1:
Have a great idea!

Step 2:
Contact the PCO Moderator or attend one of the monthly PCO meetings. The Moderator and Executive Committee will work with you for approval. The Moderator and Executive Committee will also consult with the Scheduling Committee to ensure an event fits into the calendar. Finally, you may be asked to request permission from the school.

Step 3:
Complete the After School Building Use form requesting permission to use the school after hours, if applicable.

Step 4:
Contact the Principals, Assistant Principals and Office Managers with date, description, your contact information, space/materials/logistical needs as soon as your event is approved. Please keep them in the loop as the PCO is just a committee of the school. We want to always be mindful not to “go rogue.” Any flyers need to be approved by the school prior to distribution; contact the school office.

Step 5:
Form a committee. Seek volunteers using the Wednesday Word emails (email your content to by Tuesday at noon to get included), the PCO Facebook page and, if appropriate, send flyers home.

Step 6:
Refer to the Chairperson Checklist for the next steps.