2016 Holiday Gifts for ECS Staff

The PCO Staff Appreciation Committee is excited about giving winter holiday gifts to the teachers and staff of ECS once again. The plan is to have one comprehensive collection. You will not be asked to make another financial contribution through your room parent. The total amount collected will be divided among homebase teachers, specialists, and general staff in the form of gift cards.

Please send your monetary donation to Sonia Rathelot (Lower School) or Elena Hilf (Upper School). A suggested donation is $15-$20 per student attending ECS (remember, this is to be split among 110 staff members), but we are so very grateful for any amount you can manage to give! You may send a check, made payable to ECS PCO, or make your contribution through PayPal below (please keep in mind that when you pay with PayPal, the PCO is charged a small fee per transaction). We’re sorry, but cash cannot be accepted.

Room parents may make requests for small items to be donated for homeroom teachers, but that is a separate collection handled through individual classes.

Many thanks,
Sonia, Elena, and the PCO Staff Appreciation Committee

DUE DATE for donations is December 16, 2016!

Sorry, the deadline has passed and gift cards have been purchased. Thanks to all who generously contributed!